Design of a commercial shop

Commercial retail space brings the challenge and opportunity of projecting the concepts behind a brand with spaces that can be perceived across multiple senses from textures, colors, ambience, and spatialities where resulting retail shop reflects the DNA of the brand and is clearly more than the sum of its elements.
Commercial architecture must then be created with the brand’s DNA in order to achieve synergistic relationships between the physical space and the brand’s concepts.
The key moment in the creative process is the definition of the conceptual identity which is created from interaction, interviews, use of conceptual tools, and analysis of an interdisciplinary team.

Brand development and construction of an identity system can begin once that the guiding concepts of the brand have been identified and the retail space brings the opportunity to incorporate its brand and leave a positive experience on its customers; it’s truly a 360 Design View, where identity, brand strategy, packaging, communication, and architectural spaces align synergistically to produce a lasting experience and a sense of belonging on visitors and customers.

Why doesn’t this always happen?

Because the design process tends to be segmented, leaving architectural design as an ad-hoc process after the creative work ends, leaving the architect to build its own conceptual view of the space, which does not always coincide with the brand’s conceptual design.

Why define the architecture project from the first branding meeting?

Integrating the architecture from the start of the project with the same conceptual tools is key so that the concept-brand-territory forms part of a whole.
Thus the architecture is built with the DNA of the brand, and by being born with the same DNA, it allows us to get rid of literal formalisms, creating free spaces that can be adapted and enriched with the variants of the complexity of the architectural space and thus expand the creative limits.

With this process we achieve commercial premises that are able to grow into multiple regions, adapt to other cultures, and successfully negotiate market codes thus enhancing the success and long-term value of the brand.
Our brand building agency integrates the design processes of creative professionals and architects to produce a solid 360 design which is highly valued by our clients in all market segments.