Design of commercial premises – Western Union – Pago Fácil – Agency Zona IV

Western Union

The agency Zona IV was called by Western Union to redesign its new stores and create its new branding. A 360º design with great challenges for an international chain with more than 6,000 stores throughout the country, where the Western Union and Pago Fácil brands must coexist in an integrated and linked way in a new architecture that allows the presence of their brand spaces in a solid and modern way.

Western Union

The agency worked on its positioning, new color palettes and a new materiality for its retail design. “The materiality was one of the key points for the design, discovering the steel of the bunker as a protagonist and incorporating wood as a new element”. Leticia Perin, director of architecture at the Zona IV agency, tells us.

For the bunker we worked on the industrial design in a simple piece as a separator of each box, which unifies the signage, the support, the waste basket and the visual screens, taking the color and shapes of the brand. It is a functional, standardized and easy-to-apply element that provides identity to the commercial space.

Western Union

“In order to incorporate the magenta color of Pago Fácil’s branding to Western Union’s institutional colors in the same space, wood was used as a bellows material between the two systems”. Gonzalo Carbonell, director of the agency, tells us.

For this project, ZONA IV once again called upon Architect Leonardo Birnbaum for the development of the executive plans and the execution of the work, achieving a very good construction level and contributing his great experience in the details, as well as in the definitions of the work itself and above all his experience in the design of gastronomic establishments.

To this color palette we added turquoise as a reinforcement of the integration of both brands, for a better coexistence of both brandings. On the other hand, new supports for the graphics and a system that unifies the entire space were designed.

Gonzalo Carbonell – Associate Director – Zone IV


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