360º Design of gastronomic premises – Café Martinez – Zona IV

Café Martinez Talcahuano

ZONA IV and a new 360º Design of gastronomic premises for Casa Martínez 1933 in Talcahuano 948 CABA.

The agency Zona IV was summoned for a project full of dreams, stories, experiences, aromas and trajectory, in a unique space of the Café Martínez chain: the redesign of its headquarters on the occasion of its 90th anniversary.


It is here, where 90 years ago, under the name of “Casa Martinez”, the roasting and sale of ground coffee and coffee beans began, thus creating its own brand of coffee.

The business grew, and after several years, already in the hands of the third generation, the Café Martínez chain was born as we know it today.

“For the redesign of this emblematic premises, we assembled a great team between the client and the agency, which gave shape to a space that evokes its history and highlights its expertise, with vintage and modern codes that coexist, in order to experience a coffee shop simultaneously with the creation of a “Coffe Lab” space for events, tastings and trainings promoted by the chain”. Gonzalo Carbonell, director of the Zona IV agency, comments.

In this way Casa Martínez welcomes us and traps us, evoking its entire trajectory, with nods to the cafés of a lifetime, with a palette of vibrant, current and aged colors at the same time. The bicycle, the old brand of yesteryear and the bar highlight “El convidado”.

“The design of the bar was key to express the history of the place. We sought to enhance its value, both aesthetically and in terms of layout, generating an angle that allowed us to reformulate the space of “El Convidado” and differentiate it from the standard bar of the chain, both in its shape and in its cladding”. Leticia Perin, the agency’s architect, explains.

The mirrors also have a key function, which was taken as a resource both spatially -to generate amplitude, aesthetics and for being a classic coffee code- as well as to enhance the value of the old Don Atilano’s seal. In this way the mirrors seem to reflect a space full of history.


Moving on in the store, we pass by a kitchen with a glazed and colorful structure, which together with the neon graphics, speaks of the present. Finally, when we reach the heart of the brand and its chain, we are welcomed by the old roaster of the nineteenth century that keeps the secrets of coffee roasting, creating the ideal setting for the “Coffee Lab”.

“In this space, we wanted to generate a more intimate atmosphere, from the lighting, floors, color palette and upholstery; a modern space, where the old roaster was integrated into the seating,” says the architect of the agency.

From the old brand “Don Atilano”, to the new codes designed by the agency: the roasters seal, the new identity, its iconic M, packaging and drawings of the roasting process, speak of a rich symbolism that tells us about its great trajectory and the vision towards the future of the Café Martínez brand, positioning it in a current and trendy environment.

A work that extends over the almost 10 years of the agency with Café Martínez, which began with the great Restyling of the entire chain, the design of Café Martínez A la Barra, Café Martínez Smart Service and now its parent company, Casa Martínez.


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