Design of gastronomic premises – Santa Fe – Trevi Gelato – Agency Zona IV

Heladeria Trevi Gelato

Design of gastronomic premises

The ice cream chain in the city of Santa Fe continues to grow with the opening of a new store, which has become the company’s flagship.
Scaling up in investment, in square meters and in the general layout, it reaffirms a new positioning in this very competitive market.
The Zona IV agency was called for this challenge and thus designed the 140 m2 corner store on the Gálvez boulevard, a very busy area with multiple gastronomic proposals in the city.

The new store also has a production area. “From the agency, we proposed to turn this sector into a “Laboratory” in view from the living room, incorporating a new attraction that reinforces the concepts of craftsmanship and fresh product”, Gonzalo Carbonell, director of the agency, tells us.

Like the other Trevi Gelato stores designed by the Zona IV agency, the color palette continues to be a strategic part of the brand expression territory as pillars of the identity system. New colors complete the existing ones in this new 360º design, achieving a fresh, modern proposal with a strong character for its category.

From the architectural point of view, the central service counter and its border stand out, which refers to the pattern of cones incorporated in the new image, but this time with volume and illuminated. “From the layout design, we proposed the central bar, which ends in height with this border, giving a frame to the internal Trevi Gelato canopy.

This way we were able to give prominence to the product display, and at the same time, it allowed us to organize the seating in different sectors, to manage the scale of the new store”, explains Leticia Perin, architect of Zona IV.

In one of these sectors, we found a fun carousel, reaffirming the “Trevi’s horse” as part of its brand, consolidating Trevi under the concept of Italianity and its playful side towards children, who are a great inspiration for the brand. In this way, Trevi’s proposal is being established among the great competitors in the city of Santa Fe.


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