Design of Gastronomic Premises – Saavedra – Artiaga – Zone IV

Artiaga Panadería

Zona IV presents a new 360º design challenge for the famous Artiaga Bakery in the Saavedra neighborhood.

The agency Zona IV was asked to carry out an in-depth work for the brand Artiaga Panadería. We worked from the conceptualization to redefine its positioning, where the trajectory and experience of the firm were the central axes to communicate in this new stage.

Starting from this point, its identity was redesigned, where its coat of arms was one of the main elements to be highlighted, to continue projecting from its Spanish origins, a great experience in bakery and confectionery, which was transmitted through several generations.


Thus, its new territory of brand expression was developed in a fresh and very current context, giving the whole identity system modernity, trajectory and homemade at the same time.

“For this new 360º we achieved an identity redesign that recovers all the DNA of the Artiaga company, its history and trajectory, under current codes and very close at the same time, with a new color palette that reinforces the new codes incorporated”. Gonzalo Carbonell, Director of the Zona IV agency, tells us.

From the architecture and design of gastronomic premises, all the concepts defined in the first conceptual stage were transferred to the second Artiaga premises located on Ricardo Balbín Avenue in the Saavedra neighborhood.

Artiaga Panadería

In addition to the sale of bakery and confectionery products, this branch also offers customers the possibility of on-site consumption, with the addition of a coffee area.

“The layout design challenge was articulated through the internal courtyard of the old property, which we revalued and gave it back its character, which it had lost through successive interventions”. Leticia Perin, the agency’s architect, tells us.

In this way, we managed to highlight the old and traditional with materials such as brick, limestone mosaics, glass and even a stained glass window recovered from the family. All this in contrast with the product display cases, lighting fixtures and kitchen equipment that can be seen in the ovens and sandwich shop.

For this project, ZONA IV once again called upon Architect Leonardo Birnbaum for the development of the executive plans and the execution of the work, achieving a very good construction level and contributing his great experience in the details, as well as in the definitions of the work itself and above all his experience in the design of gastronomic premises.