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Mercado San Miguel

Zona IV is dedicated to gastronomic architecture and local design.

Mercado San Miguel, a giant was born.

Giving the imprint to a place of 600 m2 of warehouse to turn it into an old market was a real 360º design challenge.

From the beginning, we worked together with the client to define a clear and solid concept, and then we were able to approach each stage of this great proposal. Gonzalo Carbonell, director of the Zona IV agency, tells us

Zona IV

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For this new space, several bars were designed with different gastronomic proposals, a bar with a pizza oven, a pasta bar, a snack bar, a coffee bar, wines and drinks, and finally a dessert and waffles bar,

another one for snacks, one for coffee, wine and drinks, and finally one for desserts and waffles. For this, the idea was to create different environments where the design of the surroundings of each one reinforces each proposal.

Thus, if we walk through El Mercado San Miguel, we discover a cafeteria with a French touch, an Italian oven, where we will find an endless number of codes that coexist with each other, and that achieve a very attractive space for a wide and varied public. In the background an open courtyard was designed that summons us for different times of the day.

The layout design takes the different proposals to create a path of bars that move forward, retract, form islands, open and close until ending in the kitchen. In this way, the operational needs are solved and at the same time the individual character of each sector is given, just as it happens in a real market. These movements also generate different seating sectors regulating the large space.

To achieve this character of an old market, we worked with a wide variety of materials and design elements that give us this somewhat chaotic, simple, and at the same time very close atmosphere. Leticia Perin, the agency’s architect, tells us.

San Miguel


The design of the Mercado San Miguel brand with vintage codes in red, works as an umbrella brand for all communication and the concept of the architecture of this great space. Gonzalo Carbonell, director of the agency, explains.

From here, a Brand Expression Territory is created with retro elements, with which graphics, posters, clothing, tableware and different pieces are designed, unifying the character and criteria of the whole proposal.

San Miguel


To sew this great system between architecture and identity, a red metallic band was created, which runs through all the proposals communicating in print, Pastas, Pizza, Coffee, Dessert and other varieties, which are aligned with signage, blackboards and murals alluding to the whole concept.

In this way, the Zona IV agency manages to make the new San Miguel Market a whole experience in itself, very attractive and rich, to spend a pleasant moment with family, friends or work.

The old Plaza San Miguel will no longer be the same, a Giant was born!