Architecture of gastronomic places

Arquitectura Comercial - Café Martínez

The Zona IV agency designed a new gastronomic establishment for the Café Martínez chain, this time the commercial architecture project was in the Villa Luro neighborhood Buenos Aires.

The store is a clear example of the agency’s conceptualization work, where the brand’s DNA is enhanced in the variants that each store requires in terms of the different architectures, implementations and consumers.

In this case, the building of modern architecture in exposed concrete and large windows facing the square was valued and thus being able to experience the green throughout the premises.

Architecture for cafes

“From the layout, a semi-covered access integrated to the double height of the premises was proposed, where a communal table was located, highlighted by a cementitious coating to apply the brand’s seal, generating a very bright space that ends again in green from the bottom” says Leticia Perin, Zone IV architect

The glasses, present throughout the premises, take the shape of an M, providing branding and at the same time generating different seating situations in the layout design. To the noble materials of the building, wood is added, which gives warmth in coatings and furniture of current lines.

In this context, it is possible to give prominence to the great variety of Café Martínez products, since, as Gonzalo Carbonell, director of Zone IV explains:

“The agency’s packaging design proposal was based on an intense palette of colors. to achieve a strong highlight in the display points throughout the store, designing from the architecture, different special furniture that accompanies in the instances of consumption”.

Zone IV achieves a 360 Design of Brand Design, Packaging and Architecture, adding one more premises to the 135 premises designed by the agency for Café Martínez.