the evolution of a
great brand

The Café Martínez Company called the Zona IV agency for the evolution of a great brand.
This challenge consisted of redesigning its identity and all its architecture.
After analyzing the context, the brand diagnosis, and including its DNA, we redefined its new positioning to set trends in the local market and in the world.

It is a brand that recovers and preserves its tradition, its history and its mastery in coffee, through vintage codes, which are the heart of its architecture and which in turn is contrasted with modern lines of new trends in its icon, achieving a Fresh and Attractive young identity, where part of its history that advances and is projected towards the future. It is an identity with a completely new territory that seduces traps and invites a wider audience to live a Martínez experience.

Diseño de Marca - Café Martínez - Buenos Aires
Diseño de Marca - Aplicaciones -Café Martínez
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Diseño de Marca Packaging y Arquitectura Café Martínez
Creación de Packaging en Buenos Aires - Aplicaciones Café Martínez
Desarrollo de Aplicaciones Gráficas en Buenos Aires para Café Martínez
Arquitectura Comercial y Aplicaciones Gráficas para Café Martínez
desarrollo de packagingen buenos aires aplicaciones cafe martinez bolsa.jpg
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All the Packaging lines of the Chain’s portfolio were redesigned under a 360º Architecture strategy. The concept developed was to define a color palette for the premises that is the highlight of the different products exhibited. These packaging redesigns take all the colors of the different palettes to achieve a strong presence throughout the store. Very modern and fresh designs were prioritized for all products.


environment and retail design
for 135 stores

The design of the architecture took as premise to emphasize to the ¨expertise of coffee¨. For this is created a furniture specially designed where the hoppers are located and the coffee machine is approaching this sector to give it its leading role.

This vintage heart is enhanced by contrasting it with well-known elements of the new brand, such as color and diagonal lines that remind us of the identity icon.

Marca y Arquitectura Comercial - Fachada Café Martínez
Creación de Identidad y Marca - Café Martínez
proyecto cafe martinez arquitectura comercial
Espacio Comercial Café Martínez
Diseño de Arquitectura Interior - Café Martínez
cafe martinez buenos aires arquitectura comecial marca.jpg grid22
Marca e Identidad Café Martínez
Identidad Comercial Café Martínez
Interiorismo Comercial Café Martínez
Diseño 360º Aplicaciones Gráficas Café Martínez
Desarrollo Diseño Retail Café Martínez
Diseño Retail Fachada Café Martínez
Diseño Marca Retail y Packaging para Café Martínez
Arquitectura - Propuesta Visual - Café Martínez
Arquitectura Comercial Planos y Proyecto Café Martínez
Elaboración Proyecto Arquitectónico para Café Martínez
local comercial arquitectura comercial cafe martinez