Redefinition of the Territory of brand and architecture

Brand Territory

The Tiendas Naturales chain renews its commitment to the agency Zona IV and invites us once again to rethink its positioning, redefine its territory of brand expression and redesign the architecture of its new spaces.

For this 360º, work was carried out by returning to its origins and projecting the brand towards a new future where the healthy, conscious and origin axes become the new pillars of the entire proposal.

Brand Territory, Tiendas Naturales argentine food chain

In this new identity system, a design is defined that responds to the new concepts, creating a plot that emerges from the traces of the brand, with a deco style that gives the entire brand territory quality, expertise and simplicity at the same time.

360 Architecture - Tiendas Naturales - Argentine
Tiendas Naturales, argentine client and Zona IV team