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We trust a brand and its products..
With more than 60 years in the Argentine market, it is one of the companies with the highest sales points achieved. Intercafé is one of the companies with greater presence in the market, trajectory and tradition in coffee. Café La Esmeralda approached Zone IV with the expectation of achieving a repositioning in the local market of a brand and packaging design that reflects the high degree of commitment of the company towards the total quality of its products and its great trajectory.

We defined a strategy for construction of values.
After an intense exchange between client and agency, a brief was defined that defined a clear strategy of brand and values ​​construction, respecting the positioning of marketing sought for this new stage of the company.

We create the ideal environment that promotes the purchase.
Beyond having a product of excellent quality, the great challenge of our team was to design a new identity that achieves: – Recover and reflect the great trajectory and expertise of the company in its new identity – Repositioning it as a current brand and prepare it For the new challenges it faces today and will face in the future.

We provide intelligence of business and creativity.

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What is Café La Esmeralda?

– The traditional Argentine Café of all the life that we find in our neighborhoods.
– A product of quality and well positioned in the market.
– A product of high degree of gratification.

How do we deal with the communication of attributes?

– After the work done together with the client through the trend plates, we agreed on the aesthetic and graphic parameters where we wanted to reposition the brand.
– We place the design of the brand to the height of the premium quality of the product.
– The wealth achieved by this work as a whole was reflected in a design that marks the character of the product, with certain old features, worked at the same time with very current resources.

How do we conceptualize the brand?

– Thinking and creating a brand that connote a certain historical load, of tradition conjugated with a graphic and creative resolution today.
– In this way, we want the brand to communicate “solidity” and to function in itself as guarantee guarantee, very important for the Argentine consumer. It was achieved in this way, a differential personality to the existing for the category in the market, and this is how La Esmeralda, as an identity, recovers all of its past, its history and is repositioned within the major brands, with a communication Current and forceful.