Identity Systema
Brand Territory

We trust a brand and its products
Brooklyn Company is the cookie specialist with the purest North American tradition. Brooklyn Company approached Zone IV with the expectation of achieving for its landing in the local market a design of brand and packaging that reflects the high degree of commitment of the company towards the total quality of its products.

We defined a security construction strategy
After an intense exchange between client and agency, a brief was defined that defined a clear strategy of brand and values ​​construction, respecting the marketing positioning sought for this new range of products.

We create the ideal field that promotes purchase
Beyond having a product of excellent quality, the great challenge of our team was to design a packaging that achieves: – stand out in the saturation of colors that exists in the points of sale in general, where big brands and varieties of Pop material – attract the attention of the potential consumer and seduce it. To do this, we focus on “creating the ideal scope” that encourages impulse buying.

We provide business intelligence and creativity

Analyze, diagnose, orient


What is brooklyn cookie?

The traditional American cookie with chocolate chips
– A product of “Premium” quality, aimed at a wide target
– A “handmade” product
– A product of high degree of gratification.

How do we solve the problem of commercial and visual saturation?

“They worked with plates of trend that allowed us to interpret the ideas they had to achieve a different business, and we succeeded …”

How do we deal with the communication of attributes?

– Resalting the strong presence of the American style -Building a tempting and friendly image (took special care that the American does not cause remoteness)
– Introducing it as a “fresh, baked, and tasty” product

How do we conceptualize the brand?

“Although they do not intervene in the definition of the business, all the meetings we have had have helped us rethink some points of the business that maybe were not entirely clear, it’s a team effort.”