Identity System
Braand Territory

The Zona IV agency was called for the design of a new product of the firm Café Martínez:
Coffee + technology + innovation: new experience SMART SERVICE CAFÉ MARTÍNEZ.

Selfie Latte, Selfie Latte, intelligent lighting, geolocation of clients in store and much more.
The first SMART store located in front of the Italian Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Diseño de Retail – Café Martínez Smart Service
creacion de marca cafe martinez smart service
Packaging – Café Martínez Smart Service
Espacio Comercial– Café Martínez Smart Service


environment design
and retail

The great challenge for this design was to continue communicating tradition and expertise in coffee, in a trend-setting format where technology and modernity go through this proposal from end to end.

The new elements for the operation of this format enhanced the Branding, combining classic materials and shapes with other materials and modern forms, giving it proximity and at the same time an easy and direct decoding.