Identity System
Brand Territory

At the identity level, we worked with the characteristics and format of the old seal, something that in Chinese culture is highly valued as a certification of quality and seriousness. The brand is made up of the word “Ting’s”, which is called by phonetics, the Chinese people who live in Argentina, and Shanghai refers to the origin of the culture and its gastronomy

A mixture between Chinese and Western culture was made to carry out the design and communication of the brand, inspired by the cosmopolitan character of the city. The color red was used as the axis of identity, in addition to a palette of warm grays, whites and turquoise, both for communication and for architecture, where red is only found highlighting the bar and at the end of the room wrapping the kitchen.


environment design
and retail

The design of the furniture also reflects this mix between oriental and western, where elements of traditional Chinese furniture are taken to arrange them in the form of patterns, such as a large wall of drawers, in the austerity of the counter or the red line that forms the bar that welcomes us and ends up composing typical geometries on the shelf that frames the counter.
The choice of sitting also plays with these contrasts, from a communal table, long armchairs and high tables, to a large round table typical of a Chinese restaurant or the patio where a more Zen atmosphere is proposed.

Regarding the layout, the challenge was to be able to coexist with a delivery and take away dynamic with a serene atmosphere for the restaurant, for this reason the architecture of the premises proposes a semi-covered area that brings the door closer to the counter that stands between the access and the rest of the sitting, in this way a waiting place is generated for the take away and delivery, to later lead to the arrangement of the tables. At the end of the room, there is a large kitchen where the fire sector, a great protagonist of Chinese gastronomy, can be seen from the patio.

sistema de identidad shanghai tings
Proyecto Arquitectura Comercial – Shanghai Ting’s
Diseño de Retail – Shanghai Ting’s
Proyecto Diseño de Retail – Shanghai Ting’s
Interiorismo Diseño de Retail – Shanghai Ting’s
Diseño de Arquitectura – Shanghai Ting’s
Diseño de marca – Shanghai Ting’s