Identity System
Brand Territory

The Zona IV agency was in charge of building the identity of Tea Connection and developing all of the brand’s retail, which aimed to become a benchmark for the gastronomy associated with tea, and the different varieties of strands.

The agency focused on designing and highlighting the differential business concept. To do this, he built the brand based on versatility, since it was essential to communicate a flexible image identity, finding his own concept and style. The colors brown and apple green were chosen to symbolize the union of the elements earth and modernity.


Environment Design
and Retail

For its space, a spirit was created that frames the Core product, the Tea, which is displayed throughout the 360º in minimalist codes, thus giving it a pause, a pleasant moment for the whole day. The white furniture and the entire environment emphasize these concepts, where the colors of the branding, brown and green, work as strategic accents throughout the proposal.
The identity color palette applies only to the glass hoods where we can see and experience the different aromas of the Teas blends. In this way we have the product presented in a very pleasant and prominent way, taking the concept of the old glass candies that attracted so much attention to adults and children.

Thus, together with the client, one of the first gastronomic proposals that achieve the much sought-after concept of “living an experience” is created.