Zona IV adds new clients in the Middle East, Al Sur, a proposal of Argentine empanadas that lands in Bahrain with its first store and production center. The agency was in charge of the entire 360º design, which included Concept Design, Brand Design, Branding, Packaging and Store Architecture.

Al Sur, Argentinean Empanadas
Al sur argentinean empanadas



The first challenge was to understand the search for a name for this new brand, a name that would play with the local culture and at the same time represent Argentina without being so direct.

This is how Al Sur came up, “Al”, Arabic phonetic because it is a very used article, and “Sur” refers to Argentina, after a local test that gave very good results to move forward.

The brand is designed with a diagonal pattern to emphasize the direction towards the south, giving it modernity and homemade at the same time. For this, a territory of brand expression is created, where the design codes make direct reference to the Argentinean countryside, with its illustrations of fields, animals, old mill and others. The concept is completed with a system that prints on craft paper, in one ink, to give it more rustic, vintage warehouse and homemade codes.

Al Sur Argentinean Empanadas



Its architecture reflects the authentic spirit of the product, through materials such as natural wood and brick, along with the mosaic that refers to the tradition of Creole houses.

All these materials, arranged from the corners of Al Sur, produce a combination that frames the access, the market area, the counter and even a small seating area.

The architects of the agency, took the diagonals of the brand, to solve a limited space without losing window to the street and at the same time, gain maximum space for the production area.

Thus the space wraps us in shapes and textures in a small store, ending in a glazed bar back that suggests the elaboration of the exquisite empanadas.

In this way a new gastronomic proposal designed by the agency for the Persian Gulf is achieved in addition to the already classic projects of artisanal ice cream and beauty space among others.

Al Sur Argentinean Empanadas