Identity System
Brand Territory

For this new gastronomic proposal of empanadas and ice creams, an identity was worked out that reflects and represents the Argentine codes in the world, in an original and creative way.
An identity was created where the Hornero, as the Argentine national symbol, represents the country.
The hornero with his nest gives the brand, Casa Argentina, a spirit of close, friendly and indigenous identity


Enviroment Design
and retail

For the architecture, it was sought to represent the icon of Argentine sports shirts, so recognized and valued internationally, in a subtle and generic way.

In this way, the main column of the premises was intervened internally and externally, with the typical light blue and white colors, achieving a solid and very characteristic design, which provides character and identity to the proposal.

creacion de marca casa argentina en barhein
project ca 1520x1014 grid4
project ca 1520x1014 grid5
project ca 1520x1014 grid6