Line Design

For the line of its new product, a fresh color palette was thought that would play in all the packaging, with a brown base color that enhances and unifies all the pieces, working in conjunction with the brick that was proposed for the design of the architecture of the shops.

Arquitectura Comercial Manolo
Identidad Visual y Marca Manolo
Packaging Manolo
Diseño de Packaging Manolo
Creación de Packaging Manolo
Marca y Aplicaciones Gráficas Manolo
Desarrollo de Packaging Manolo
Elaboración de Packaging Manolo
Proyecto de Arquitectura Comercial Manolo
Proyecto de Local Comercial Manolo
Elaboración de Packaging para Manolo
Creacion de Marca y Packaging para Manolo


Environment Design
and Retail

For the design of the premises, the craftsmanship of this type of products and the expertise of the brand in making them were taken as the initial concept.

Brick was chosen as the material that conveys naturalness, simplicity and closeness that speaks to us of a homemade product, arranged in the form of a weave that transmits the expertise. This pattern of bricks is combined with natural woods and bright colors to highlight and enhance the new packaging designs of the entire product line.

This new palette of intense and original colors, which when contained with a chocolate brown color like Brand Manolo, enhance the softer tones of the different types and flavors of the products.

This creation that plays with different patterns and textures, manages to communicate a design of a fresh and close space, where the brand is positioned in a very competitive and attractive local market for the consumer in general.