identity system
Brand Territory

After a strong redesign of the identity and retail design, the fourth store was added in the city of Rosario.

A design inspired by codes of French industrial stamp, which accompanies the elaboration of a rich gastronomic proposal focused on traditional bakery and pastry.


environment design
and retail

Parisian graphics from the 1930s accompany this proposal with an original and well-defined character that, together with the libraries, complete the idea of “Bread, culture and coffee”.

Its flavors and aromas conquer a young audience that enjoys all the details applied in architecture and design.

Espacio Comercial - Sablé París
Comunicación Visual Sablé París
Sablé París - Arquitectura Comercial
Sablé París - Comunicación Visual
Proyecto de Arquitectura - Sablé París
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Aplicaciones Gráficas - Sablé París
Diseño de Marca para Sablé París
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